On this January day, the HI10 group announces the complete acquisition of the SCUYE/IRISPACT technologies and patents.
This innovative and patented technology for bringing PKI to inert devices, media and persons offers an valluable addition to the HI10 CloudSign
technology to fully bring PKI to the clouds. The technology has the potential to make the HI10 group a key player in
the European market for IOT and privacy enforcement and digital handshakes for media ownership.
-Making possible for non digital devices to receive a digital and PKI entity.
-Enabling users to take control of their own data.
-Enabling digital handshakes between users that want to achieve a transaction.
HI10 with 10 years of experience in java/j2ee/digital signatures and pki, has developed during the last 5 years a complete
and fully operational technology demonstrator for the SCUYE/IRISPACT technology.
The transaction was concluded in the final days of 2019 by a full takover of all the shares of the company holding the patent.