Our mission is:
  • Highten the efficiency of your projects to the optimal level.
  • Highten the security of your projects to the optimal level.


A very happy, healthy and successful 2018 to all our friends, employees, suppliers and customers.
Also in 2018, HI10 will continue to offer advanced and high quality java/j2ee and javascript services, in the spirit of always reaching higher with our technical skills and software craftsmanship.

Session Docker practical

Yesterday, 11 HI10 consultants were present at the Inner Circle Session about Docker in production by Geert Pante. Advanced and practival Docker container knowledge was gathered and locked up in the backpack of
our consultants!

2017 September availability +4 (to 5)

On this first of September, HI10 is investing in 2 new teams of java/j2ee/javascript consultants. The consultants are based in the Ghent, Antwerp, Brussels Region, and will extend their specialization level over the next months. Best of luck to the new recruits.


Since january 2017 HI10 has leveled up its investing in blockchain knowledge, implementations and proof of concepts.
We had already several blockchain educations and blockchain server try-outs.
Yesterday HI10 was present at #BlockchainForAntwerp meetup @ #digipolis. Thanks for the great insights. #blockchain #multichain #node

Spring day

Also in 2017, HI10 offers advanced java/j2ee/javascript knowledge to top level clients in a lot of different sectors Belgium. First 2017 contracts include a second smart watches project, and a automotive client.
In general, our focus for 2017 is set on quality. You need a temporary quality consultant, call us (or our partners). Additionally, we will open up the new regional offices in Antwerp LO and Ghent (Wichelen).
See us there, or at the clients.

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