Our mission is:
  • Highten the efficiency of your projects to the optimal level.
  • Highten the security of your projects to the optimal level.

HI10 Tech Replay Session PKI & Java implementations

HI10 continues to improve and is running for gold! Congrats to the 8 consultants present on this Sunday morning Replay Tech session on PKI & implementations in Java.

HI10 Student Contest Winner

The HI10 Student Contest has a winner.
After the draw from the correct entries, we had a meeting in
our Antwerp offices with the happy winner Kristof, who was more
than happy with his new Android One Plus One. Other participants,
no worries, our plans are to make this student supporting contests a
yearly event !

First HI10 Tech Session leads in this 5 year-celebration year.

Entering the asynchronous era, all HI10 consultants were attending a first great tech session of the year (on RxJava).
In the spirit of the coming spring, we enter this 2015 celebration year with a good kick starter. Leaving no space for doubt we want to make this year as successful as the past 5 years of the HI10 existence.

HI10 Supports IT student organizations

HI10 now supports different IT student organizations through their recruitment channels and advertizing space. We believe quality IT and Java educations have a rightful place in the educational landscape.
Additionally we launch a Java contest for IT Engineering students. Good luck to the participants!

Java J2EE Development.

Considering more efficient Java / J2EE development in 2014-2015? Follow one of our 20+ customer references in expanding your Agile Java/J2EE team with a HI10 Consultant.
We have 7+ experienced consultants available in a vast domain of Java/Web/Security/Cloud oriented technologies. They will help you improving the efficiency of your teams and your projects, while still remaining completely flexible workforce. Count your benefits now.

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